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***Covid precautions***

I know how difficult this pandemic is on us all. With increased separation, loneliness and the need for touch is important. I feel like the work I am doing is essential and in service to all. My goal is to continue to do so. I am taking fewer clients due to increased concerns and for the wellness of all.

Before every appointment all surfaces will be sanitized. Upon arrival You will have your temperature taken and I will ask that you shower. I ask that if you’ve been in contact with anyone sick or you are feeling sick that you cancel the appointment.

I will be happy to wear a mask if it makes you feel at ease. This is for you! Please let me know any concerns you may have and we can work to support your feeling safe and taken care of.


I am so happy you are reading this. I am new to California but I am not new to tantra. I am passionate about liberating pleasure from guilt, shame and fear.

Tantric Massage: This massage is all about YOU. I am simply there as a guide to bring you more deeply into yourself. This is not a mutual touch experence, this is simply me giving to you with love and awareness. This massage can assist you in increasing sensitivity to pleasure, healing sexual wounding, building confidence and relaxation

Sacred Spot: The Male Sacred Spot is located in the prostate gland. During this ritual we will begin with connection and intention setting. We will move into a whole body massage to awaken and relax the whole body. Eventually, if you and your body are ready, I will massage your sacred spot (prostate gland).

This is a beautiful ritual to connect more deeply with yourself. This can also increase pleasure in the body and open up the body/ mind into more full body bliss.

To keep my container clear, none of my experiences are mutual touch.

A little more about Male Sacred Spot:

When the prostate gland is stimulated, it can both feel pleasurable and facilitate orgasm. These sexual feelings emanate from the prostate gland (male G-spot), the emotional nerve centre of a man’s sex life and sexuality.

The tightness of the muscles and tissues surrounding the glands, however, can restrict a healthy prostate gland's flexibility and pulsation. To remain healthy, the prostate gland must expand and contract with each breath to get a sufficient supply of blood.

Besides softening and shrinking the prostate gland, the ancient tantric practice of male G-spot massage can relax the surrounding muscles and boost blood flow in the prostate gland. 

An easily learned practice, you can perform Sacred Spot stimulation to produce a mind-blowing ejaculation. After all, a prostate massage is far more pleasurable when the male is sexually excited. The rush of blood and energy obtained through regular sexual activity benefits the male G-spot as the prostate‘s ejaculatory pulsations enhance not only the gland's muscular strength and flexibility, but also cleanse the organ. Plus, the emotional blockages that cause prostate gland hardening and tightening of the surrounding tissues can be released via regular ejaculation.

This ancient Tantric practice of Sacred Spot massage also release stuck emotions, a chief source of prostate issues. In summary, prostate massage increases the circulation of blood and energy to the male G-spot, thus preventing infection, enlargement or cancer. Along with its many benefits, this supports sexual health and overall well being in an active, caring manner.


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